Java MCQ Questions with Answers SET-2

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Java Basic MCQs | Java Multiple Choose Question with answer

This page provide you Java programming Multiple Choice Question Answer that is very useful for Semester , DRDO, ISRO ,Banking , Railway, Gate and another exam.


Q.21 In java system class is defined in ?

ANSWER= (C) java.lang package


Q.22 Which of the following is not a Java features ?

ANSWER= (A) Use of pointers


Q.23 In java Scanner class is defined in

ANSWER= (A) Java.util package


Q.24 A variable which is declared inside the method called ?

ANSWER= (B) local variable


Q.25 What is the reason of portability & security of java ?

ANSWER= (A) Bytecode


Q.26 Which one of the following isnot an access modifier

ANSWER= (A) Void


Q.27 In java Scanner class is used to take input at —

ANSWER= (A) Run – time


Q.28 Which stream is used for input



Q.29 Which Stream is used for output

ANSWER= (B) System.out


Q.30 Which keyword is used for accessing the features of a package ?

ANSWER= (C) import


Q.31 Which scanner class method is used to read integer value

ANSWER= (B) nextInt()


Q.32 How many types of datatype in java ?



Q.33 Which of the following is not OOPS concept in java

ANSWER= (D) Compilation


Q.34 The process that focuses on only important characteristics is known as:

ANSWER= (B) Polymorphism


Q.35 An object-oriented programming composition relates to

ANSWER= (B) In refers to coherent, common, behavior


Q.36 Which of following not a component of Java IDE

ANSWER= (D) Symantec visual cafe


Q.37 Which of following is incorrect name

ANSWER= (B) 2nd name


Q.38 Java compiler Javac translate Java source code into

ANSWER= (B) Byte code


Q.39 The word poly means

ANSWER= (B) Many


Q.40 JVM was introduced–

ANSWER= (C) 1994

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