Data Base Management System MCQs SET-1

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Q.1 When a primary key is defined in the table DBMS automatically creates a ———-on a primary key column ?

ANSWER= (A) Unique Index


Q.2 Which normal form is the particular dependency removed?



Q.3 Which is major data structure used in RDBMS?



Q.4 The view of total database content is:

ANSWER=(A) Conceptual view


Q.5 Which is not aggregate function?

ANSWER=(C) Create


Q.6 Under which category do the commands CREATE and ALTER belong to ?



Q.7 ACID stands for? ?

ANSWER=(B)Atomicity, consistency, isolation Durability


Q.8 How many primary key can a table in database?

ANSWER=(A)Only one


Q.9 Which of the following are the properties of entities?



Q.10 Relational algebra is?

ANSWER=(C)Procedural Query Language


Q.11 The statement in SQL which allows to change definition of table is?



Q.12 Count function in SQL returns the number of?

ANSWER=(A) Values


Q.13 In an E-R diagram Entity set is represented by?



Q.14 The language used in application program to request data from DBMS is referred as:



Q.15 The number of attributes in a relation is called its———



Q.16 Which of the following is not a type of Database?



Q.17 SELECT * from employee is what type of statement?



Q.18 The full form of DDL is:

ANSWER=(C)Data Definition Language


Q.19 Which database is closest to the users?



Q.20 Which of the following is comparison operator in SQL?

ANSWER=(D)All of the above

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