Digital Electronics MCQs SET-2

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This page provide you Digital Electronics Multiple Choice Question Answer that is very useful for Semester , DRDO, ISRO ,Banking , Railway, Gate and another exam.

SET-1 [1 To 20]


Q.21 Which of the following is minimum error code?

ANSWER= (B) Gray code


Q.22 A NOT gate has-

ANSWER= (B) One input and one output


Q.23 A set of instruction written in computer language is called the?

ANSWER= (C) Program


Q.24 1’s complement of 10101 is given by?

ANSWER= (A) 01010


Q.25 The shift register is designed to shift data?

ANSWER= (C) Either left or right changing the order of the bits


Q.26 The 8085 instruction RAL performs the following operations?

ANSWER= (D) Rotate the content of accumulator to the left through carry


Q.27 Disc and Drum are the

ANSWER= (B) Software part


Q.28 Which of the following memories normally has highest storage? capacity?

ANSWER= (A) Magnetic disk


Q.29 OP-AMP’s can be used to amplify: capacity?

ANSWER= (C) D.C. as well as A.C. input signal


Q.30 Number of interrupts of Intel 8085 are? capacity?



Q.31 A program written in mnemonics are called? capacity?

ANSWER= (C) Assembly level language program


Q.32 One of the method is used for A/D conversion is: capacity?



Q.33 In a microcomputer——– is its heart? capacity?

ANSWER= (A) Microprocessor


Q.34 An R-S flip flop cannot be used to design T-type flip flop as?

ANSWER= (A) R=0, S=1 is not permitted


Q.35 In Boolean Algebra the plus sign (+) indicates

ANSWER= (B) OR Operation


Q.36 Flip flop comes under the category of ?

ANSWER= (B) 1- bit storage device


Q.37 Extremely low power dissipation and low cost can be achieved in?



Q.38 The 8085 instruction INR r comes in the category ?

ANSWER= (C) Arithmetic group


Q.39 An idea OP-AMP has?

ANSWER= (B) Infinite Ri


Q.40 Which of the following Boolean rules is correct?

ANSWER= (B) A + 1 = 1

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