Data Base Management System MCQs SET-2

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Q.21 Which is not the relational Algebra Operation

ANSWER= (A) Set Difference


Q.22 How is specialization denoted in ER diagram?

ANSWER= (D) Triangle labeled HAS A


Q.23 Which of the following is open source DBMS?



Q.24 Which SQL keyword is used to remove the duplication of rows from the result set?



Q.25 What is the highest level in a hierarchy of data organization

ANSWER= (C) Data base


Q.26 Which of the following is known as minimal super key?

ANSWER= (D) Candidate key


Q.27 Which command allow the users to change multiple data fields?

ANSWER= (C) Update


Q.28 Which of the following languages is used to define the integrity constraint?

ANSWER= (C) Update


Q.29 In an ER diagram attributes are represented as:

ANSWER= (C) Update


Q.30 Architecture of data base can be viewed as

ANSWER= (A) Two levels


Q.31 In relational model, relations are termed as?

ANSWER= (C) Table


Q.32 A Cartesian product in relational algebra in ?

ANSWER= (B) Binary operator


Q.33 SQL stands for ?

ANSWER= (A)Structured Query Language


Q.34 The following are component of a data base except?

ANSWER= (C)Reports


Q.35 A set of possible data values is?

ANSWER= (D) Domain


Q.36 Which of the following data base objet does not physically exist?

ANSWER= (C) View


Q.37 Cross product is a ?

ANSWER= (C)Binary operator


Q.38 In E-R diagram relationship is represented by?

ANSWER= (D)Diamond


Q.39 To delete a particular column in a relation the command used is?



Q.40 A table joined with itself is called?

ANSWER= (B) Self join

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