What is Network


➤ A network is a group of computer connected in same fashion in order to share resources.

➤ A network is a set of device(Node) connected by communication lies. A node can be a computer printer or other device capable of sending or Receiving of data generated by other nodes on the network.

What is Network in computer and its types

➤ A groups of computers in a network provides greater storage capacity and processing power. Using network data transfer can be made cheaper than other conventional means.

➤ Thus computer enable us to reduce both time and cost in transferring data. User can work together in a group.

Types Of Network

  1. LAN (Local Area Network)
  2. MAN ( Metropolitan Area Network)
  3. WAN (Wide Area Network)

1. LAN (Local Area Network):-

➤ LAN stands for local area network.

➤ It is use only in a single office, building, Campus, College etc. Depending on the need of organization and type of technology used a LAN.

➤ LAN size is limited to a few 100-1000M

local area network

➤ In general a given LAN will use only type of transmission medium the most common LAN Toplogy such as Bus , Ring , and Star.

2.MAN(Metropolitan Area Network):-

➤ MAN stands for Metropolitan area network.

➤ A MAN is a network with a size between LAN and WAN. It normally covers the area inside a town or a city.

➤ It is designed for customers who need a high speed connection.

➤ It range is 5KM TO 50 KM.

Metropolitan area network

➤ It is mostly used medium is optical fibers, cables.

3.WAN(Wide Area Network):-

➤ It stand for wide area Network.

➤ It provides long distance transmission of data image, video, audio etc.

➤ Information over large geography area that may be compress a country or even whole world. We normally refer to first as switched WAN and to the second ways point to point way.

➤ The switched WAN the connects the end system which usually compress a router that connects to other LAN or WAN.

wide area Network

➤ A WAN network will have a larger coverage area that can range up to 100000 KM

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