Operating System MCQ SET-2

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Operating system

An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardwaresoftware resources, and provides common services for computer programs.


Q.21 Which of the following os is most safest

ANSWER= (B) Window


Q.22 The diagram which is used in deadlock is known as

ANSWER= (B) gantt chart


Q.23 Which of the following is not a function of operating system

ANSWER= (B) language management


Q.24 The state of a process where are process wait for another process to execute 

ANSWER= (C) wait


Q.25 The full form of LRU is ? 

ANSWER= (B) least recently used


Q.26 If process is executing in its critical section then no other process can be executing in their critical section. This condition is called ? 

ANSWER= (A) mutual exclusion


Q.27 Time quantum is defined in — 

ANSWER= (A) mutual exclusion


Q.28 Program always deals with ? 

ANSWER= (A) logical address


Q.29 Which of the following is classical synchronization problem? 

ANSWER= (D) both b & c


Q.30 Which of the following is security threats ? 

ANSWER= (D) both a & c


Q.31 Which of the following is single user OS 



Q.32 Which of the following is system software? 



Q.33 Which of the following is page replacement technique 

ANSWER= (B) both a & b


Q.34 File virus attaches it self to the — 

ANSWER= (C) executable file


Q.35 A program in execution is know as — 

ANSWER= (C) process


Q.36 Which of the following is disk schedulling technique 

ANSWER= (D) None


Q.37 Which of the following is not an OS ? 

ANSWER= (D) compiler


Q.38 Which of the following is an antivirus ? 

ANSWER= (D) both b & c


Q.39 In waiting state a process generally bus in—–operation 

ANSWER= (C) i/o burst


Q.40  PCB stands form ? 

ANSWER= (A) program control block 

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