Operating System Questions & Answers [Processes]

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Operating System Questions & Answers [Processes]

Operating system

An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardwaresoftware resources, and provides common services for computer programs.


Q.1 A program in execution is called ?

ANSWER= (A) Process


Q.2 A program is an — entity.

ANSWER= (B) Passive


Q.3 Process is ?

ANSWER= (B) A Program in execution


Q.4 Which system call is used in unix to terminate the execution of process ?

ANSWER= (C) Exit


Q.5 Which of the following does not interrupt the running process?

ANSWER= (C) Scheduler process


Q.6 A program is an active entity.

ANSWER= (B) False


Q.7 CPU performance is measured through ?

ANSWER= (B) Throughput


Q.8 —- is used to store temporary data for process ?

ANSWER= (B) Stack


Q.9 — Memory that is dynamically alloccated during process execution ?

ANSWER= (C) Heap


Q.10 A process stack does not contain ?

ANSWER= (C) PID of child process


Q.11 A process structure does not contain

ANSWER= (D) Bootstrap program


Q.12 Why is CPU Scheduling done

ANSWER= (A) Increase CPU Utilisation


Q.13 The most optimal CPU scheduling algorithm is

ANSWER= (A) Shortest job first


Q.14 Which of the following is not process state ?

ANSWER= (D) Finished


Q.15 Which of the following is not the state of process



Q.16 The state of a process is define by

ANSWER= (D) The current activity of the process


Q.17 What is the ready state of a process ?

ANSWER= (A) When process is schduled to run after some execution


Q.18 Running multiple programs at the same time is called:

ANSWER= (A) Multitasking


Q.19 Only state transition that is initiated bt the user process itself is ?

ANSWER= (B) Block


Q.20 Suppose that a process is in ‘BLOCKED’ state waiting for some I/O service. When the service is completed, it goes to the

ANSWER= (A) Ready state

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