MCQ on Structure and Union in c

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C programming is the basic language of programming that help to learn another language. So this MCQ is very useful for you.


C is a general purpose ,high level language that originally developed by Dennis Ritchie to develop the UNIX operating system at Bell labs.


Q.1 Structure is —- data type.

ANSWER= (B) User Define


Q.2 Structure members are access using — operator.

ANSWER= (A) dot


Q.3 Union is a ?

ANSWER= (B) User define data type


Q.4 A C Structure or User defined data type is also called

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.5 Find out the output for the following program

  void main()
  struct man
  int c;
  struct man man1;

ANSWER= (C) Child=4


Q.6 —- Allows to combine data items of different kinds ?

ANSWER= (C) Structure


Q.7 The restrictions with union is ?

ANSWER= (B) The first member can be initialized


Q.8 Which of the following operation is illegal in structures?r to that structure ?

ANSWER= (B) Typecasting of structure


Q.9 Which of the following uses structure ?

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.10 Number of bytes in memory taken by the below structure is ?

  struct test
  int a;
  char b;

ANSWER= (B) integer size + character size


Q.11 In a structure operator . is called as ?

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.12 A structure is used is used to when we wish to store ?

ANSWER= (A) Dissimilar


Q.13 Identify the correct statement ?

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.14 Which of the following can not be a structure member ?

ANSWER= (B) Function


Q.15 Find out the output for the following program

  void main()
  struct stock
  int items;
 char name[10];
  printf(“Name=%s items=%d”,,a.items);

ANSWER= (C) Name=computer items=525


Q.16 structure is a ?

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.17 To access the members of a structure using a pointer to that structure,you must use the —- operator

ANSWER= (D) ->


Q.18 Which operator connects the structure name to its member name ?



Q.19 Which of the following are themselves a collection of different data types?

ANSWER= (B) Structure


Q.20 How many bytes will be consume memory of given union ?

  union student
  int rollno;
 char name[40];
  float marks;

ANSWER= (C) 480

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