Computer Organization and Architecture Notes PDF BEU Bihar

Hey Guys Welcome to CSE Study247 , Today I am provide you Computer Architecture Notes PDF BEU Bihar that is very useful 4th semester Computer Bihar Engineering students.

Architecture refers to Conceptual design and fundamental operation structure.

Theoretical concept that means blueprint.

  • CPU Design
  • Instruction
  • Addressing Mode
  • Data Form

Organization deals with physical devices and their interconnection with perspective of improving the performance.

  • I/O Organization
  • Memory Organization
  • Performance

This Notes Design according to Bihar Engineering , below syllabus given


This unit covers the functional blocks of a computer, including the CPU, memory, input-output subsystems, and the control unit. It also discusses the Von Neumann architecture and various data representations such as signed numbers, fixed and floating-point representations, and character representation. Computer arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are also covered, along with different techniques for each.


This unit provides an introduction to the x86 architecture and discusses the instruction set architecture of a CPU. It covers topics such as registers, the instruction execution cycle, RTL interpretation of instructions, addressing modes, and the instruction set.


The focus of this unit is on memory system design. It explores semiconductor memory technologies, memory organization techniques, including memory interleaving and hierarchical memory organization. The unit also covers cache memory, cache size considerations, mapping functions, replacement algorithms, and write policies.


This unit concentrates on peripheral devices and their characteristics. It discusses input-output subsystems, I/O device interfaces, types of I/O transfers (program controlled, interrupt driven, and DMA), privileged and non-privileged instructions, software interrupts, exceptions, and the role of interrupts in process state transitions. It also introduces popular I/O device interfaces such as SCSI and USB.


The final unit delves into the concepts of pipelining and parallel processing. It explains the basics of pipelining, including throughput, speedup, and pipeline hazards. Additionally, it introduces parallel processors, concurrent access to memory, and the importance of cache coherency in parallel processing.

These are the main topics covered in the provided content.

This very useful for Bihar Engineering computer science so you can print these pdf file start the study and gain good numbers in your semester exam.

Computer Organization and Architecture Notes PDF BEU Bihar

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