Multimedia MCQs-5

Hello students Welcome To CSE Study247 , Today I discuss about Multimedia MCQs-5 , that contain 20 Multiple Choice Question With Answer.



Q.1 In Real Time Interactive Audio Video, a seq2uence number on each packet is req2uired for

ANSWER= (A) Real-time traffic


Q.2 Multimedia is widely used to special— to movies

ANSWER= (D) Effects


Q.3 A heavy video in a WBT may not load because of poor ?

ANSWER= (D) Bandwidth


Q.4 —– Are typical examples of static images ?

ANSWER= (A) Photographs


Q.5 Before audio or video signals can be sent on Internet, they need to be

ANSWER= (B) Digitized


Q.6 Most common compression technique that is used to create CD-quality audio is based on perceptual encoding technique is called

ANSWER= (A) Perceptual Encoding


Q.7 Streaming stored audio/video, files are compressed and stored on

ANSWER= (D) Server


Q.8 For speech, we need to compress digitize signals at

ANSWER= (C) 64 Khz


Q.9 Adobe photoshop is a

ANSWER= (B) Raster Graphics Editor


Q.10 Paintshop pro was originally published by

ANSWER= (B) Raster Graphics Editor


Q.11 Block size in block preparation step of JPEG compression is

ANSWER= (B) 8 x 8


Q.12 In Virtual Reality

ANSWER= (B) 75% Virtual


Q.13 Which of the following statement is right according to AR

ANSWER= (B) The system AR real world scene


Q.14 Morphing means

ANSWER= (B) Changing shape


Q.15 We can divide audio and video services into

ANSWER= (B) 3 broad categories


Q.16 AR 25% virtual and 75% Real

ANSWER= (A) True


Q.17 HTTP client accesses Web server by using the

ANSWER= (B) GET message


Q.18 VR is a

ANSWER= (B) Fully immersive


Q.19 In Real Time Interactive Audio Video, to prevent jitter, we can time-stamp packets and separate arrival time from the

ANSWER= (B) Playback Time


Q.19 In block coding, we divide our message into blocks, is called

ANSWER= (C) Datawords

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