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Digital Electronics

  • Digital Electronics subject we study about many types of digital electronics devices.
  • An electronic device that works on the digital signal is called a digital electronics device.

KEY concepts and components in digital electronics

  1. Binary Number system:- All the computer work {0,1} Number system which is known as Binary Number system.
  2. Logic Gate:- Logic gate {AND, OR, NOT, NAND, XOR, XNOR } is a basic bulling block of digital electronics that help to design many circuit or devices
  3. Flip Flops:- Flip Flops are data stores element which is used to store 1-bit binary information. The collection of Flip Flops is called Register
  4. Multiplexers and Demultiplexers:- Multiplexers are used to combine multiple input signals into a single output, while demultiplexers perform the reverse operation by selecting one output from multiple inputs.
  5. Adders and Subtractors:– Adders is used to add Binary input and subtractor is used to subtract the binary input.
  6. Digital Circuits:- These circuits contain many circuits to perform a specific work.

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SubjectDigital Electronics
Branch CSE, Electrical, Electronics Engineering
Study Materials for GATE ,NIC ,RRB,JE & AE,TRB
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