Computer Organization & Architecture MCQs SET-1

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Computer Organization & Architecture MCQs

This page provide you Computer Organization and Architecture Multiple Choice Question With Answer Which is very useful for many exam of computer science students like Semester, DRDO, ISROM, Banking, Railway etc.



Q.1 What is BIT of 8080 micro processor?



Q.2 What is BIT of 80386 micro processor?

ANSWER= (C) 32


Q.3 What is BIT of 8086 micro processor?

ANSWER= (B) 16


Q.4 What is base/radis of hexadecimal?

ANSWER= (B) 16


Q.5 What is Size of Instruction Register?

ANSWER= (B) 16


Q.6 To converts the programs written in assembly language into machine language?

ANSWER= (B) Assembly


Q.7 Who is gate of complement of its inputs?



Q.8 What is size of IR(Instruction Register)?

ANSWER= (B) 16 bit


Q.9 What is size of DR(data Register)

ANSWER= (B) 16 bit


Q.10 What is full form of MAR?

ANSWER= (A) Memory address register


Q.11 CACHE Memory located between?

ANSWER= (C) Main memory and CPU


Q.12 What is nature of cache memory?

ANSWER= (A) Volatile


Q.13 Light pen is a

ANSWER= (A) input device


Q.14 Full form of USB ?

ANSWER= (B) universal serial bus


Q.15 The DMA controller has —–register?



Q.16 A group of bits that tell the computer to perform a specific operation is known as ?

ANSWER= (D) Instruction code 


Q.17 An address in  main memory is called ?

ANSWER= (A) Physical address 


Q.18 Memory unit accessed by content is called ?

ANSWER= (C) Associative memory


Q.19 In computer, subtraction is called generally carried out by ?

ANSWER= (B) 2,s complement


Q.20 The circuit used to store one bit of data is called ?

ANSWER= (C) Flip flop 

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