IT System Objective Question SBTE Bihar

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100 MCQs for SBTE Bihar Students


A computer is an electronic device that is capable of receiving, processing, and storing data. It is made up of hardware components such as the central processing unit (CPU), memory, storage devices, input/output (I/O) devices, and software that allows it to perform a wide range of tasks. Computers can be found in various forms such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and servers. They have revolutionized the way we work, communicate, learn, and entertain ourselves, and have become an essential part of our daily lives.

IT System Objective Question SBTE Bihar

Computers have advanced significantly over the years, and today they are used for a wide range of purposes, including:

Communication:- Computers allow us to communicate with others through email, social media, video conferencing, and messaging applications.

Education:- Computers have transformed education, making it easier to access information, study, research, and collaborate with others.

Entertainment:- Computers are used for gaming, watching movies, listening to music, and accessing other forms of entertainment.

Business:- Computers have transformed the way businesses operate, making it easier to manage finances, automate processes, and communicate with customers.

Science and engineering:- Computers are used extensively in scientific research, simulations, and engineering, allowing researchers to model and analyze complex systems.

Medicine:- Computers have revolutionized healthcare by enabling medical professionals to access and share patient information, analyze medical data, and assist in diagnosis and treatment.

Course Objectives:-

This course is intended to make new students comfortable \vith computing environment Learning basic compute

skills.Learning basic application software tools, Understanding Computer Hard ware, Cyber security awareness

Course Content:- of it System


Basic Internet skills:

Understanding browser, efficient use ofsearcb engines, awareness about Digital India portals (state and national p<>rtals) and college portals.

General understanding of various computer hardware components • CPU, Memory, Display, Keyboard, Mouse, HDD and other Peripheral Devices.


OS Installation (Linux and MS Windows), Unix Shell and Commands, vi editor.


HTML, CSS, making basic personal webpage.


Office Tools: Open Office Writer, Open Office Spreadsheet (Cale), Open Office Impress.


Information security best practices.Class lectures \vill only introduce the topic or demonstrate the tool, actual learning will take place in the Lab by practicing regularly.


Q.1 The heart of computer is:



Q.1 CPU Stands for

ANSWER= (B) Central processing unit


Q.3 Information is ?

ANSWER= (C) Meaningful data


Q.4 The term computer is derived from———?

ANSWER= (A) Latin


Q.5 Who is the Father of computer ?

ANSWER= (A) Charles Babbage


Q.6 Which computer was considered the first electronic computer ?




ANSWER= (A) Universal Automatic computer


Q.8 ALU is ?

ANSWER= (A) Arithmetic logic unit


Q.9 Vacuum tube was used in generation computer.

ANSWER= (C) 1st


Q.10 What are the characteristics of computer?

ANSWER= (C) Both A & B


Q.11 What is the base of binary number system?



Q.12 RAM is………………?

ANSWER= (B) Random Access Memory


Q.13 Which is the latest version of MS Windows?

ANSWER= (A) Windows 11


Q.14 Which of the following does not support more than one program at a time ?



Q.15 Which of the following is not an operating system?

ANSWER= (A) Oracle


Q.16 What is the maximum storage capacity of 3.5 inch floppy disk?

ANSWER= (B) 1.44 MB


Q.17 Scanner is a/an:

ANSWER= (B) input device


Q.18 CAD Stands for?

ANSWER= (A) Computer aided design


Q.19 Which of the following is a part of the central processig unit?

ANSWER= (C) Arithmetic & logic unit


Q.20 LAN stands for:

ANSWER= (C) Arithmetic & logic unit


Q.21 A formula in calc may begin with

ANSWER= (D) All of the above


Q.22 What will be the result from the following formula (Assume A1=5, B2=2)? +A1^B2

ANSWER= (C) 25


Q.23 The default orientation of page in open office writer is

ANSWER= (B) Portrait


Q.24 Which of the following is the default extension of the writer ?

ANSWER= (D) .odt


Q.25 How many maximum rows available in Open Office Calc. ?

ANSWER= (D) 1,48,576


Q.26 How many maximum columns available in Open Office Calc. ?

ANSWER= (B) 1,024


Q.27 Which of the following is a shortcut key to redo any operation ?

ANSWER= (D) Ctrl + Z


Q.28 In, presentation can be prepared using ____application.

ANSWER= (D) impress


Q.29 PNG in digital imaging stands for

ANSWER= (B) Portable Network Graphics


Q.30 JPG or JPEG in image format stands for

ANSWER= (A) Joint Photographic Experts Group


Q.31 The basic structure of computer was developed by ?

ANSWER= (C) John Von Neumann


Q.32 ARPANET Stands for ?

ANSWER= (A) Advanced Research project agency network


Q.33 Which of the following is a text editor ?

ANSWER= (D) All of these


Q.34 HTML Tags are enclosed in ?

ANSWER= (B) < and >


Q.35 WWWW Stands for ?

ANSWER= (C) World wide web worm


Q.36 1 Gigga Byte (GB) is equals to ?

ANSWER= (B) 1024 MB


Q.37 A special software that can be used to access information on the internet ?

ANSWER= (B) Web Browser


Q.38 How many headings are available in HTML ?



Q.39 Modem is mostly used for ?

ANSWER= (C) Connecting to internet


Q.40 Who provide us internet ?



Q.41 Hidden file can be viewed using

ANSWER= (A) Is-a


Q.42 The declaration block of CSS is surrounded by

ANSWER= (C) {}


Q.43 The extension of CSS file is ?

ANSWER= (B) .css


Q.44 Which section of the browser window displays the main contents ?

ANSWER= (B) Body


Q.45 Looking for information on the internet is

ANSWER= (A) Surfing


Q.46 Identify the input device ?

ANSWER= (B) Mouse


Q.47 Which one of the following tracks a user visits a website ?

ANSWER= (B) Cookies


Q.48 A column heading in calc as a ?

ANSWER= (D) Alphabet


Q.49 HTML is what type of language ?

ANSWER= (A) Markup language


Q.50 The year in which HTML wsa first proposed ?

ANSWER= (A) 1990


Q.51 Fundamental HTML Block is known as ?



Q.52 HTML Stands for

ANSWER= (A) Hyper text markup language


Q.53 Linux is an example of

ANSWER= (D) Operating system


Q.54 Core of Linux operating system is ?

ANSWER= (B) Kernel


Q.55 In Linux OS What command is used to remove file ?

ANSWER= (B) rm


Q.56 When you cut or copy the text or picture,it stores temporarily in the

ANSWER= (B) Clipboard


Q.57 Who is known as the father of WWW ?

ANSWER= (B) Tim Berners Lee


Q.58 HTML tags are surrounded by which type of bracket ?

ANSWER= (C) Angle


Q.59 Which is the Linux opearting system ?

ANSWER= (B) Open Soure


Q.60 Which of the following is a single user Operating system ?



Q.61 Which of the following holds the ROM,CPU,RAM etc.

ANSWER= (C) Motherboard


Q.62 RAM Stand for

ANSWER= (A) Random Access Memory


Q.63 The another name of flash drive is ?

ANSWER= (A) Pen Drive


Q.64 Which of the following Memory is used to start the computer ?

ANSWER= (A) Primary


Q.65 Which of the following is read/write memory ?



Q.66 Which of the following is only read but not write memory ?



Q.67 The language that the computer can understand and execute is called ?

ANSWER= (A) Mechine


Q.68 A floppy disk contain ?

ANSWER= (C) Both a & b


Q.69 CD ROM is a

ANSWER= (A) Storage Device


Q.70 Information retrieval is faster from ?

ANSWER= (B) Hard Disk


Q.71 ROM is a———-memory ?

ANSWER= (A) permanent


Q.72 CD is——-in shape.

ANSWER= (A) round


Q.73 Storage devices can store a large amount of

ANSWER= (B) Data


Q.74 Storage devices can store a large amount of

ANSWER= (B) Data


Q.75 1 kilo bits is

ANSWER= (B) 1024 bits


Q.76 CD-ROM Drive uses?

ANSWER= (B) Optical storage techniqu


Q.77 Which of the following is a volatile memory



Q.78 Rom stands for ?

ANSWER= (A) Read only memory


Q.79 Type of Static & Dynamic Memory is



Q.80 Which of the following highest storage ?



Q.81 Printer is a

ANSWER= (B) output device


Q.82 The printing speed of Dot Matrix printer is

ANSWER= (C) 100 to 1000 cps


Q.83 The opearting system work between

ANSWER= (A) user and computer


Q.84 The main electronic component used in first generation computers was ?

ANSWER= (B) Vacuum Tubes and valves


Q.85 Which of the following storage device can store maximum amount of data ?

ANSWER= (B) Hard disk


Q.86 Which of the following is not example of browser ?

ANSWER= (B) Microsoft Bing


Q.87 Website front page/main page is called ?

ANSWER= (B) Home page


Q.88 The software that allows users to surf the internet is called ?

ANSWER= (D) Browser


Q.89 HTML is basically used to design ?

ANSWER= (C) Web page


Q.90 Page designed in HTML is called as ?

ANSWER= (C) Web page


Q.91 Laser printer is the type of ?

ANSWER= (B) Non-Impact Printer


Q.92 RAM is an example of

ANSWER= (C) Main Memory


Q.93 Magnetic disk is an example of

ANSWER= (A) Primary memory


Q.94 The CPU and memory are located on the ?

ANSWER= (A) motheboard


Q.95 A computer is a ?

ANSWER= (A) Electronic Device


Q.96 What kind of memory is both static and non volatile?



Q.97 To create HTML Page,You need ?

ANSWER=(C) Both A & B


Q.98 Which of the following does not support more than one program at a time



Q.99 Which of the following is nt an opearting system ?

ANSWER=(D) Oracle


Q.100 A —– is named location on a disk where files are stored ?

ANSWER=(A) Folder

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