Top programming language used in ISRO

Assembly language 

Assembly language is a low-level programming language that provides a symbolic representation of a computer's architecture. It is often used for programming tasks that require a high degree of control over a computer's hardware


It is used to design of bridges and aeroplane structures, it is used for factory automation control, for storm drainage design, analysis of scientific data


MATLAB is mainly used by ISRO engineers to plot graphs and analyse the outcome. Further, it helps in giving a more graphical representation of the collected data from the space via MATLAB programming language


It is one of the most favored programming languages used by ISRO that acts as the bridge that collates flight dynamics efficiently.


ISRO massively deploys Python programming for processing the collected from various satellites and space devices.

C & C++

These languages are commonly used for developing system-level software, control algorithms, and embedded systems for various spacecraft and mission components.

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